• START DATE: Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018
  • END DATE: Friday, 26 Jan 2018
  • START TIME: 10:00 AM
  • END TIME: 11:59 PM
  • LOCATION: KOLKATA, Calcutta, India


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kipaf 18 Body of Artist | Performativity of Escape What is Escape? Is it a desire and/or a compulsion? Is it a tactic, technique or an ism? out of person’s grasp; a possibility; a means. Is escape laden with possibilities? Performativity—not merely about communication; it is about embodiment Or the impossibility of being political? Escape— Cape; cap; caput; head; getting out of One’s cape, leave a pursuer with one’s cape; using the cape to take flight; disguise; free one-self from one’s confinement; avoid physical or visual contact; How to Not Leave a Trace... How to Slip away... ----------------------------------------------------- KIPAF(Kolkata International Performance Art Festival) is an annual event organized by independent artist group. The festival was initiated in 2013 to annually open up the city of Kolkata to diverse traditions of performance and interventions. It aims to be a platform for dialogue between site, art, politics and culture. KIPAF was conceived to address the nascent nature of Performance Art in India, and continues to play a significant role in the practice, pedagogy and outreach of performance art in South Asia. Our basic concern is to work out the formal , circumstantial, performative aspects of our everyday practices of hospitality.The Festival happens every year from 23rd to 26th January.KIPAF is also becoming special as many students from institutions like Gov. Art College,Kolkata , KALA Bhavan Shantiniketan, Fine Arts College Surat, Kashmir Art College travel to Kolkata, as observers and participants of the Open section. The independent nature of KIPAF has been maintained by constantly developing alternate modes of fundraising, involving street paintings, live art, sticker and post card campaigns. Since 2015 KIPAF is taking a workshop based turn, as we invite artists to come a week before KIPAF and initiate workshops. KIPAF ‘13,’14,‘15 16 & 17 have got participation from Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Japan, Israel, Belgium ,Italy , Uk, Indonesia, Australia, France, Switzerland, USA & various parts of India. We are unable to offer the artists any remuneration or travel expenses to and from Kolkata, we take responsibilities of the curated artists’ stay, food and local conveyance in the city. We will share the same with all participants as much as our abilities allow.