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We work with more than 65 event promotion and ticketing companies. If you publish your event on Ercess Live, our team will publish it on 65+ sites and enable ticketing, so your ticket sales can be amplified.

  • Your event will be published on more than 80% sites within an hour
  • Change in plans? We will cover that quickly on all the sites.
  • You can checkout all your sales details on our platform only.
  • See all the leads curated from all the sites at one place.
  • Receive all the payemnts in one go. We're flexible too.
  • Worried about segment? You name it, we have it!
  • We increase your reach with our geo-location and category-specific tools.
  • Our powerful system is built on artificial intelligence to handle all the jobs.
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Save time, money and focus on other works
  • We are partnered with unbelievable number of companies
  • You do not need a dedicated team to promote your event
  • Save your 97% time of promotion and focus on other works
  • It takes 5 minutes to publish event on Ercess Live
  • Unlimited power and customization possibilities
  • Few events got over-subscribed
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