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01 Organizer creates an event on Ercess Live platform
02 Ercess Live representative connects with partner companies and make sure event goes live on their platform
03 Customers purchase tickets through all the platforms
04 Organizer checks all the ticket sales, enquiries, and customer interests in Ercess Live dashboard
05 Event starts on time and finishes
06 Ercess Live collects money from all the partner companies within 3-4 working days post event
07 After payment collection, Ercess Live transfers favored financial balance to event organizer’s preferred bank account within 2-3 business days. So an aggregate of 7 business is required to process the payment post event
08 Ercess Live shares raised invoice along with latest consolidated ticket sale summary


01 If your event is already live on our platform, then login to your dashboard
02 Go to claim event option under create new event, enter your event's name and hit on claim button
03 Enter the required details and submit. A request will be sent to our representative
04 The representative will verify the details and get in touch if needed and grants an access to organizer
05 Now organizer can edit the event details
06 Tickets will be enabled only after the ticket is created by the organizer himself
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