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Ajay Mankad and his wife Alka Mankad are happily married, young, successful working professionals. Ajay is a lawyer and Alka is a professor in a college. Ajay's father Manubhai Mankad is retired and widower, well respected and loved by both son and daughter -in -law. All three live together. Manubhai meets with an accident; he falls down from the balcony of their fourth floor flat and goes in to coma. Mr. Abhyankar, a senior Inspector, on the verge of retirement, visits them for routine inquiry. He says he has been investigating this case and suspects this could be a case of attempted suicide. Ajay and Alka vehemently argue with him that this is not possible.. They think he is out to harass them to extract some money..But Abhyankar produces enough evidences to prove this. To the shock of Ajay and Alka, Abhyankar suddenly springs a surprise and claims that this is an attempted murder! Only Ajay and Alka being present in the house at that time - either of them or both - could be murderer ! Abhyankar manages to prove that both have motive and there are irrefutable evidences against both of them. Accident, suicide or murder? What is the reality? The play engages in solving this puzzle and in the process addresses many issues relating to the family and relationships in the changing times, generation and communication gap and the difference between taking care and giving care! Read the BMS review of this play on our blog.