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https://zorbathebuddha.org/events/ytt/?event Yogmantrana offers Teachers Training Course (TTC) that can empower yoga students to not only practice and make a difference in their own lives but also teach it and be the instrument of change in others lives. Yogmantrana offers a course that is a combination of skill, expertise, teaching methodology and results. Yogmantrana has developed the course material after extensive research to ensure the students taking the course are able to impart their knowledge from the first week onwards. Yogmantrana runs courses at various beautiful and serene locations in India. You can choose the location and the time for the course as per your convenience. The following things will be taught during the course. Yoga Teacher Training Course offers a fantastic opportunity to students to take their foundational knowledge of yoga to the higher level. The course is registered with Global Yoga Alliance and is open to any students who want to be confident yoga masters. Under this course, the students will get a strong foundation in yoga and its different aspects. In this month-long residential program, the students will learn the principles of yogic lifestyle, ashram living and to maintain a perfect balance of mind, body and spirit. They also build a sound foundation to teach others confidently and instinctively. Yoga Teacher Training – Course objectives To motivate the aspiring Yoga Teacher gearing them with necessary skills to teach yoga. To give students a real life -experience of Yogic wisdom and practices, and to attain transformation at all the levels of an individual’s personality. To provide an in-depth study of the components of Yoga so as to initiate the students on the path of development and blossoming through exploring their selves. To provide a structural academic module to the students of Yogic discipline. Yoga Teacher Training – Eligibility Anyone above the age of 18 years is eligible for the course. Any medical conditions should be informed to the institute in advance with proper certifications. Institute will not be responsible for any consequences in case of lack of information. Pregnant women must consult their physicians on priority basis before enrolling for the course. The candidate should posses a Higher Secondary Certificate or equivalent from a recognized school/college in India or abroad. Yoga Teacher Training – Syllabus • Introduction & History of YOGA • Importance of Yoga in Modern Life • Yoga Philosophy • Yogic Management of Common Diseases • Anatomy of Yoga • Practical (Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras), Shatkarmas (Neti, Kunjal, Laghu Prakshalana) • Meditation (Antarmaun, Ajapajap, Yog Nidra, Shunya Meditation) • Teaching Methodologies Facilitator: Shri Ashwani Kumar Shri Ashwani Kumar, founder of Yoga Mantrana, is a yog teacher and practitioner of over 15 years with a Masters degree in Yoga Psychology from the world’s first yoga university, Bihar Yoga Bharti. He believes in the ancient art of natural healing as practiced through the Vedic form of yoga. His holistic approach enlightens the body through asanas and kriyas the mind through meditation; and the soul through self realization. As Shri Ashwani Kumar is a full time yoga trainer, he approaches the practice with a level of for personalized goals and individual abilities. His vast knowledge of yog includes exercises for strengthening, stretching, breathing coordination, endurance improvement, cleansing, meditation and anti-rheumatic among others. His biggest advantage is the fact that he has evolved his style of yoga by experimenting with different forms to make it even better. And that he is always ready to share his vast knowledge base and experience with the teachers and students that he trains. Date: 9th Jan - 2nd Feb, 2018 Contact : Shia Phone : +91 9717469268 Email : celebrate@zorbathebuddha.org