• START DATE: Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
  • END DATE: Sunday, 22 Apr 2018
  • START TIME: 04:00 PM
  • END TIME: 07:00 PM
  • LOCATION: Space Development Nexus - SDNx, New Delhi, India


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2nd Inter College Rocket Competition The competition is in four phases. Phase one in is the application phase. Teams must submit an application and a 15000 INR competition fee that is non-refundable. The fee is used to offset the cost of materials. Applications must be submitted before JANUARY 20, 2018. Phase two is the preliminary design. Teams are to develop designs, prototype, test concepts and generate a preliminary design review (PDR) slide package using the provided template. Teams will submit PDR slides in only PDF format at the designated due date. Teams that do not meet the due date or do not submit in the proper PDF format will be dropped from the competition. A schedule will be made available on when to present a subset of the slides. Teams will have a half hour to discuss a subset of the PDR slides via telecon. Phase three is the critical design