• START DATE: Saturday, 17 Mar 2018
  • END DATE: Saturday, 17 Mar 2018
  • START TIME: 03:00 PM
  • END TIME: 06:00 PM
  • LOCATION: #729, 10th Main, Opp. MES School, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560011


  • INTERESTED: 0 People
  • SEEN BY: 41 People


 We have curated an inspiring mix of people, sessions and activity on the 17th of March 2018 where one witnesses the power of diversity and perspective in solving Global Challenges whilst making some lifetime connections and having fun.


The event kickstarts at 3:00pm over coffee and breaking the ice among the aspirants followed by a networking and prototyping session at a lively cafe. The winners of the prototyping session would be announced and the event would end by announcement of summer program opportunities.


Takeaways from Prototyping session:


1. Doing is the best kinding of thinking: Get off your ass, try it out, fail if you must, and all those lessons and parts that worked will follow you.


2. Failure is an attitude, not a decision: Your expectations can sometimes be the hardest to live up to. You get to decide what to do with an action or result that did not meet your expectations.


3. The optimum time for brainstorming is 2 minutes: The first minute is for your best ideas, the next is for you to shit out subpar ideas and to sieve through the mess and any longer, you"ll grow attached to just one idea.


4. There aren't good or bad ideas, just crazy and boring ones: Even then, everything in between has a higher chance of working. The moment you decide an idea is good or bad, you're subjecting it to subjectivity.


Note: Entry Fee of 100/-. For registration please make payment via Paytm to 91-