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WHO IS MAA JAGADHATRI.Jagadhatri 'the Protector of the World' is an aspect of the Hindu goddess Durga, who is particularly worshipped in the West Bengal region of India. Her cult is directly derived from Tantra where she is a symbol of sattva beside Durga and Kali, respectably symbolized with Rajas and Tamas.She is celebrated on Gosthastami. It is also referred to as another Durga Puja as it also starts on Asthami tithi and ends on Dashami tithi. The date of the puja is decided by the luni-solar Hindu calendar..2.MAA JAGADHATRI: AN INTRODUCTION.Jagaddhatri is depicted as being the colour of the morning sun, three-eyed and four-armed, holding a chakra, conch, bow and arrows, clothed in red, bright jewels and nagajangopaveeta (a serpent as the sacred thread), a symbol of yoga and the Brahman. She rides a lion standing on the dead Karindrasura, the Elephant Demon. "Jagaddhatri arises in the heart of a person," said Ramakrishna, "who can control the frantic elephant called mind.".3.PLACES WHERE JAGADHATRI PUJA IS CELEBRATED.Though she is worshipped all over West Bengal and some places of Odisha, Jagaddhatri Puja in Chandannagar, Krishnanagar, Boinchi, Bhadreswar, Hooghly, Rishra,kolkata, Ishapore, Tehatta, Ashoknagar Kalyangarh, and Baripada, have a special socio-cultural celebration. In Kolkata, too, Jagaddhatri Puja is a major autumnal event . In Ramakrishna Mission, Jagaddhatri Puja was initiated by Sarada Devi, Ramakrishna’s wife and observed in the centres of the Mission all over the world...JAGADHATRI IN LALITA SAHSRANAMA.Sri Lalita Sahasranama in its 173 verse speaks of Goddess Tripurasundari as Jagaddhatri Vishvamaataa jagaddhaatri vishaalaakshi viraagini Pragalbhaa paramodaaraa paraamodaa manomayi Vishvamaataa.....5.STORY IN THE PURANAS.As per ancient Pauranik lore of the Hindu scriptures, soon after the victory over Mahishasur the Devatas became highly egoistic. They thought because of lending to Durga their instruments the mighty asuras were vanquished. To make them understand that the primordial power is alone behind every action, then Para Brahma appeared before the Devatas in the form of effulgent Yaksha...6.THE STORY IN PURANA.Bewildered by its presence one by one the Devatas approached Yaksha. First the god of wind Vayu. The Yaksha asked him what he could do. The Vayu replied that he could throw away huge trees, tumble high mountains. The Yaksha then placed a small grass and asked him to move it. The Vayu utilised all his powers but lo! he could not even displace it. So also the god of fire Agni, could not even burn it. Likewise one by one the Devatas failed...STORY IN PURANA.And it dawned on them that their powers are in reality not their own but derived from the supreme power who as protecting mother holds the entire creation and therefore called Jagaddhatri. Anybody who worships Jagaddhatri becomes absolutely egoless She blesses Her devotees with great powers and fearlessness. Jagadhatri standing over the elephant demon indicates that to control our mind which is frantic like a elephant, we have to assume the powers of Goddess Jagadhatri...HISTORY OF CELEBRATION OF JAGADHATRI PUJA.The Jagadharti Puja was first started by Maharaja Krishnachandra of Krishnanagar, Nadia in Bengal. Jagadhatri Puja is very popular in Krishnanagar, Rishra, Chandannagar, Bhadreswar, Hooghly, Boinchi. In Krishnanagar, Nadia, Burimar Jagadhatri Puja is one of the oldest Jagadhatri Puja in Bengal. Legend has it that once during the British Raj in India Maharaja Krishnachandra was arrested by British Investigation Agency for going against British Empire and getting involved in Swadeshi activities...9.KRISHNANAGAR JAGADHATRI PUJA STORY.He was released from Pr*son during the day of Vijaya Dashami due to which the entire festivity of Durga Puja in his kingdom was spoiled so to again rejoice Maharaja started the ritual of this Jagadhatri Puja was started. Primarily this puja was done by one old woman called 'Burima' in Bengali language. Later the goddess was named after 'Burima'. Presently in Krishnanagar more than a hundred Jagadhatri Puja events are organized but the main attraction is still Burima...10.THE FAMOUS LIGHTING OF CHANDANNAGAR.The beauty of the festival in Chandannagar is mainly due to the collaborative conception between the French and Bengalis. Remarkable feature remaining its procession, second largest in the world after Rio de Janeiro's, with its magnificent lightings ...JAGADHATRI PUJA MELA BHANJPUR,BARIPADA,ODISHA.After Ratha Yatra, Jagadhatri Mela at Bhanjpur Jagadhatri Podia, is the biggest mela of Baripada, Odisha. It is the festival of Maa Jagadhatri, Goddess of the whole world. There is an 8–15 days mela(carnival) also known as mini Bali Jatra named after Cuttack's Bali Jatra which takes place at Jagadhatri Mela Podia, Bhanjpur, near the Bhanjpur railway Station during the month of October–November. It is celebrated on Gosthastami...12.CELEBRATION IN BENGAL.The festival is celebrated in the grandiose manner by setting huge idols of the Goddess Jagadhatri in spectacular pandals amidst stunning illumination. The idol of goddess is decked up beautifully by red clothes and ornaments. The goddess is also presented garland around the neck.The festival of Jagaddhatri Puja is celebrated in the splendid manner on the ninth day of the moonlit fortnight in the month of Kartik or November ...13.FOUR DAYS PUJA CELEBRATION.The first day, of the Puja, i.e. Saptami she is worshipped as a symbol of Yoga and the Brahman both depicting spiritual upliftment. .Actual Puja Rituals are done on the 3 days of Ashtami, Navami and Dashami similar to that of Durga Puja On Ashtami, i.e. eigth day of devipaksh Devi is worshipped as the giver / provider of Wealth, Sustenance, Good luck as well as prosperity. Navami, is the major celebration, when she is considered to be conceived and sent to the earth...IMMERSION ON DASHAMI.The last day of celebration is Vijaya Dashami when the Goddess is immersed, in the Ganges, accompanied by the beat of drums and merrymaking, besides localities dancing to the spirit. The surrounding air becomes heavy in fragrance of incense wafting in the air. The Puja marks the end of the Hindu festivals, for the year. With the immersion of the Goddess, people in Bengal again start counting the days, for the next festive season