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Discover the Night Sky with a Telescope !..Registrations Online at.......Open to all Students and Adults interested in Astronomy, Space Science and the Night Sky.....December 12: Comet Encounter..Comet 46P/Wirtanen will appear in the constellation Taurus during its closest approach to the sun...If early predictions play out, Comet 46P/ Wirtanen may brighten enough in December to be spotted easily with the unaided eye. If it does attain naked-eye visibility, it will be the brightest comet seen from the Northern Hemisphere in more than five years...The icy interloper will reach perihelion its closest approach to the sun on December 12 and will be traveling through the bright winter constellation Taurus, the bull...Only four days after it slingshots around the sun, the comet will make its closest approach to Earth, coming within 7.2 million miles of the planet on its way toward the outer solar system. At this point, the comet should be easy to hunt down as it passes by the brilliant Pleiades and Hyades star clusters...Observations with a Telescope of night sky objects...If Weather permits.....+ Learn about Comets.+ Why Comets are so Bright !.+ How to Observe Comets.+ Taking Astro Photographs.+ Open House Q & A..Buy IAC Night Sky Guide...2018..Where : IAC Astronomy Club.When : @ 8.30pm-10pm.Contact : 7383651660..Registrations : By Name.Fees : 250 Rs for Kids.300 Rs for Adults..Buy Tickets Online at.......Alay Jhaveri,.Astronomer & Founder, IAC.