Email marketing

Promote your events with beautifully designed emails – FOR FREE

In new era, the email marketing is still most effective way to sell event tickets
Target the potential customers
Reach your ideal targeted audience

Find the people in your location looking for events like yours. Send your beautifully crafted emails to excite them.

Leverage the contacts

Leverage the contacts of your previous events, give them discounts and other goodies to make them become your brand ambassador.

Don’t worry about the numbers

You want to send emails to 10 people? No problem. Do you want to send emails to 10000 people? Still no problem.

Get started
Automate everything and enjoy
Automate your emails

Make our system do the work for you. You create the emails and schedule them. The emails will be sent at the scheduled time.

Increase efficiency

Custom reports, import your own data from any source – so you can focus on creating campaigns

Track everything

Our system tracks all the user’s activities like Click Through Rate, emails opened, mails failed to send. Do you want the exact email id which have opened the emails? We can get that too.

Get started


Create event

Login and create your event through your dedicated dashboard


Select promotional tool

Select Email marketing link from manage events page


Set up the campaign

Create marketing campaign, upload data and schedule the campaign. That is it!

We will put you on the right path

Ask about Ercess Live products, pricing, implementation, customization or anything else. Our highly trained reps are standing by, ready to help.

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